Classic Morning Bundle

Classic Morning Bundle

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Beautiful skin starts with just five minutes in the morning. This Classic collection’s simple three-step routine will leave your skin feeling clean, fresh and protected all day long. Cleansing Lotion (250ml), Toner (250ml) and our famous moisturising Day Cream SPF15 (75ml) have the antioxidant power of organic Rooibos extract to help boost the skin’s own defences against environmental stress, soothing Chamomile, Witch-hazel to balance and refresh and Vitamin E. Our Classic range is suitable for most ages and skin types.

Rooibos benefits

Rooibos is a herb that grows naturally only in the Cederberg mountain region of South Africa. It’s a proven source of antioxidants, natural alpha-hydroxy acid, zinc and other minerals. Our extract is made from pure certified organic unfermented green Rooibos leaves to ensure the highest level of antioxidants. Rooibos is also enjoyed as a soothing, caffeine-free herbal tea.


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