Why skin loves oil as much as water

It may be counter-intuitive but your dry and dehydrated skin needs oil to store water! Here’s how it works: Your skin produces sebum, which adds to noticeable oiliness, but it also produces other lipids (fats and oils) in the stratum corneum, the outer layer that keeps moisture in and harmful substances out.

Like the building blocks in your skin’s structure, our blend of natural oils – Grapeseed, Sweet Almond and Jojoba seed – play this vital role with the added benefits of vitamins and plant antioxidants. Your skin feels smooth and supple and precious water is conserved for young, fresher-looking skin.

African Extracts is known for its fabulous treatment oils. They are 100% naturally derived, contain no synthetic mineral oils (unlike many similar products), are suitable for vegans. Best of all, they glide on and sink into your skin like rain on the desert leaving no greasy layer.

Try our Advantage Daily Repair Facial Oil with nine plant and flower oils, and lots of Vitamin C, to brighten, firm and revitalise your skin. Use a few drops in the evenings on clean skin before applying a night cream.

Our all-in-one beauty treat, Rooibos Tissue Oil, can be used literally from head to toe – from dry and itchy scalps and lifeless hair, to brittle toe nails. It’s clinically proven to give you supple, healthy-looking skin, treat scaly patches and to help fade blemishes, cars and stretchmarks. Independent testing showed visible results in six weeks.

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