African Extracts now available in Europe

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of a new online store for African Extracts Rooibos skin care in the Netherlands.

Our new store replaces the previous and but Carina Bakker will still be packaging and sending your packages with the same love and care from Hardenberg.

Many of you know and love Rooibos tea – for its mild, delicious flavour and its proven health benefits. But did you know that Rooibos grows only one place in the world, the Cederberg mountain region of South Africa? Like Edam and Gouda, it has an EU IGP recognition of its uniqueness.

We are one of South Africa’s best-selling skin-care brands, known for our affordable, effective products with the antioxidant power of organic Rooibos extract. Made in our own factory in Cape Town, we produce more than 250 000 products a month, so we can supply direct and offer you good quality skin care at an affordable price.

Our Rooibos grows naturally, watered only by the rain, in ancient mineral-rich soils of the Cederberg. The extract is produced at source from green unfermented Rooibos leaves, rich in antioxidants, zinc and natural plant acids.

We also use antioxidant vitamins and other natural plant extracts that are sustainably sourced. Our products are cruelty free and endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty, South Africa.

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